Throughout December, 2017 Bar Barbarian hosted a series  of nights to coincide with
‘The Kitchens Late’ evenings at Old Spitalfields Markets.

£35 per person, drinks included.

'OSM Bar Barbarian Supper Club'

Sample menu

Pear and Black Cardamom Sidecar

Barbarian Popcorn

Daikon Kimchi

Whipped Smoked Haddock and Tofu Rice Crackers


Buxton Brewery 'Deep Valley Rainbow', Brett Edition Saison


Xi’an Spiced Chicken Ribs

Venison, Bulgogi Skewer

Korean Fried Cauliflower

Cucumber Salad w/ Doenjang Dressing


Claus Preisinger ‘Puzsta Libra’, Zweigelt / St. Laurent, 2016

Burgenland, Austria

Mapo Doufu

Sichuan Braised Brisket

Jasmine Rice

Round Lettuce and Chinese Pear Salad w/ Barley Miso Dressing


Mai Tai shot

Pudding by Happy Endings


'Barbarian OSM'

10th October - 17th December, 2017

sample menu

Barbarian popcorn

daikon kimchi

Xi'an spiced chicken ribs

miso, mustard green spring rolls

cucumber, doenjang salad

Sichuan braised brisket stew

Mapo Doufu - pork

Mapo Doufu - seasonal vegetable


'Pop Up @ Climpsons Arch'

17 - 19 August, 2017

On arrival / as seated

Cucumber granita, vodka, ginger, Sichuan oil

Round 1

black sesame popcorn

fried rice sheet, whipped smoked mackerel

Round 2

crab, cucumber, sesame

monkfish cheeks, chilli oil, sweetcorn

xi'an spiced chicken

Terada Honke, Katori 90 'Namagen'

Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Forest Road 'posh' lager


Round 3

Iberico presa skewers

round lettuce, fragrant herbs

Buxton Brewery 'deep valley rainbow' Brett edition Saison


Round 4

red duck curry

long grain rice

Pierre Breton 'avis de vin fort' cabernet franc '16

Bourgueil, France